Feature: Welcome To The Kittypocalypse!

Welcome to the Kittypocalypse

It’s 2050 and the world is a very different place to now. Humankind is on the brink of self-induced extinction. People have banded together for protection from…. well pretty much everything. We all know the scenario. It’s pretty bleak. But why does it have to be colourless? Those zombies and mutants don’t care what you wear so why not jazz things up a bit and at least go out in style…..

Say hello (Kitty) to Kittypocalypse a vehicle tough enough withstand the rigours of a post-apocalyptic world but fetchingly painted to be a worthy chariot for fashion conscious road warriors. Before you scoff at that pink livery remember the SAS have used that colour in the past. The keen eyed will have spotted that Kitty is a Land Rover Discovery/Ford Focus hybrid, heavily modified of course. She comes equipped with a .50 calibre machine gun, a flame thrower and also has power points and a handy winch.

There’s plenty of space for the crew to stow small arms and oh, the odd rocket launcher too. The cutaway roof means no blind spots for anyone or anything to sneak up and attack. When everyone else is beige and boring this is the set of wheels to make a statement in during the end of the world. Brown is so yesterday. The future is bright, the future is pink!

Kittypocalypse lives with lots of her motorised friends at the home of Road To Ruin festival at the Road To Ruin Studios, Westcott Sports And Social Club, HP18 OPD. The studios and vehicles are available for hire for photography/film work by arrangement on an hour or day rate. Contact: yuccavalley08@gmail.com, Mobile: 07707 389240 or messenger via the Road To Ruin Facebook page.

Models/HMUAs: Freyja Phoria, Marina Smith, Sique Seshomaru, Amy Lestrange.

Kittypocalypse courtesy of John Bitmead/Road To Ruin Studios.

Feature and photos by Gary Trueman