Festival: Apocalypticus – Road To Ruin 2018 – Coming September!


The first major extinction saw the demise of the dinosaurs.
The second and most catastrophic – the demise of man.
A few remnants of humanity remain scavenging what they can to survive. 

This created a nomadic lifestyle as each local resource was exhausted.
As small groups traveled around they formed clans and out of the dust of Armageddon, a yearly gathering of clans arose.

And so… Apocalypticus was born!


Apocalypticus has grown from a seed of an idea…

A road run was originally planned to include rat bikes, rat-rods, survival bikes, radically militarised cars and vans – in fact anything that would not look out of place in a Mad Max movie. It quickly became apparent that the weight of interest in a Post-Apocalyptic themed ride-out was going to need a significant arena for the start point. It was then that we decided to invade a disused airfield in the North Buckinghamshire countryside, that proved ideal for such a gathering.

Interest has been shown from all over the UK and even from Europe, so we decided to extend the run to a full-on armageddon weekender. This resulted on a full-on festival with over 400 attendees dressed in their post-apocalyptic finest, bands, fire performers, food stalls, themed traders, bars and and mad motorised vehicles, driven by Warboys and TankGirls.

This year’s event:

This year’s event will be bigger, better, badder and badass! Set on a deserted WW2 airbase, there will be MORE bands, fire/walkaround/stilt performers, circus performances, aerial performers, beer, themed food stalls, themed traders, dancers, DJs, noise, fuel, fire, a dance area and a Road Run – The Road to Ruin. The whole event will be set inside a compound of trade stalls, a speciality-built stage, distressing-stations, and workshops…for all of your post-apocalyptic needs!

In addition to this we will have the following:

The Battle Arena – Fully marshalled games arena featuring a full-combat Thunderdome hand-to-hand fight with foam/LARP/replica weaponry. There will also be a Jugger League (from the post-apocalyptic film Blood of Heroes with Rutger Hauer), themed airsoft and axe-throwing.

Desolation Alley Vehicle Show – Check out the Rat Rods, Survival Bikes, RatBikes and Tanks on display.

Event Dress Code: Post-Apocalyptic/Mad Max style Armageddonist Ravager Gear and Accessories are a Must!! Pillories, Stocks and/or incarceration for non-compliance!

Dont miss it!

Friday 21st September 2018

Rebel Station
Callow Saints
Chris Liberator – DJ set

Saturday 22nd September 2018

Captain Kuppa T and the Zeppelin Crew
The Hostiles
Alternative Carpark
Pierrot the Acid Clown
Pretty Addicted