Review: Dicepeople – One From Many



One From Many – Self released

Taking electronica in new directions is a tough ask these days.  It seems like virtually all we hear now is something we think we’ve heard before. Then an artist like Dicepeople comes along blending electro,industrial, new wave and 80s avant garde and suddenly we have a record that is synth based and sounds as fresh as a daisy. Of course it’s an acquired taste, the intro track Void is a bit long, and you sometimes feel you might be listening to a Pet Shop Boys rarities collection before the vocals kick in. Is that even a negative? However this is an album that never gets dull, in fact it’s the whole upbeat and diverse nature of this particular beast that is its strength. There’s an added bonus that the female vocals of Zmora (what a wonderful name) have you remembering the Flying Lizards with fondness. That alone should have you buying this record. One From Many it turns out is actually a cut above the majority.

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Review by Gary Trueman