Review: Dicepeople X Moi Saint – Shallow Under Skin EP


Dicepeople x Moi Saint

Shallow Under Skin  EP – Syndicol Music

Teaming up the dark synth of Dicepeople with the soothing vocals of Moi Saint is a bit like finally finding two pieces of a jigsaw that fit together perfectly.  It’s a ying and yang moment where two acts compliment each other so well they blur together.  Made up of two songs and then two remixes it is the former, the originals if you like that are the stronger.  They have real continuity.  Of course synth music is famous for tinkering so it’s no surprise that we have a second pairing and while they are good they don’t quite carry the same weight.  There’s a mildly reassuring retro vibe to this EP, it reminds you of some of the 80’s keyboard led music.  Here though the production cuts much better than anything produced decades ago.  You get the feeling Moi Saint won’t stay relatively undiscovered for very long.  Her voice is liquid gold and comes with a serious range.  Shallow Under Skin it turns out is deep musically.

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