Review: Sally Pepper – Real World EP


Sally Pepper

Real World EP – Horn and Hoof Records

Acoustic punk music, how hard can it be?  You buy a guitar, learn a few chords and do your best angsty vocal.  Job Done?  Well go and try it, knock yourself out, then give Sally Pepper’s new EP Real World a listen. You may find doing acoustic music is actually very hard indeed, and that Sally isn’t just very good at it, she’s incredible. In three songs we get to hear someone who proves to be an outstanding song writer, an exceptional lyricist and above all someone who sings with passion, soul and sublime feeling. While her delivery and pitch is in many ways reminiscent of Billy Bragg there are noticeable touches of Joan Baez and Michelle Shocked in there too. In particular the wonderful Feeding Off Scraps is somehow both heart rending and addictive. It sounds such a simple song but the way it is performed is breath taking. With a voice you can listen to all day Sally Pepper deserves to be a household name.

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Review by Gary Trueman