Review: Dicepeople – Synthetic


Dicepeople – Synthetic

Once all the rage it’s a brave band that puts out an EP containing one song remixed several times.  You have to admire Dicepeople for stepping forward and because the base track is of a high standard the reworking wins out too.  Of course this is where individual taste comes in so stating one version is better than another would be a bit silly.  All though are far enough apart to allow you to seize on something that suits your mood at the time.  That’s where Synthetic wins out most of all.  You’ll want to play more than one track but most likely will pick and choose which and when.  The modern take on synth pop makes for an easy listening experience but isn’t music for elevators by any stretch of the imagination.  Dicepeople have done themselves proud.  Hopefully a full album will follow soon.

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Reviewed by: Gary Trueman