Review: Lovebites – Battle Against Damnation



Battle Against Damnation – JPU Records

Fresh from the success of their album Awakening From Abyss those metal warriors Lovebites are back with a four track EP that will have fans in raptures. It’s a funny thing that for so long metal has really lacked anything fresh at the more traditional end of the spectrum and then Lovebites came along and changed all that.  It might be their unbridled enthusiasm, or just the fact that they can play well crafted songs with masterly skill, but this EP is yet again another step forward from an LP less than a year old. You can’t help but admire the guitar licks and precision rhythms, the music just flows so well it washes over you.  It is Asami that really catches the ear here though.  Her voice has immense power and her use of range and pitch is quite astonishing. Five young women from Japan playing the purest of metal, Lovebites are an irresistible force.  Metal just got an upgrade, so look out world.

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