Review: Elysian Divide – Face Behind The Mask


Elysian Divide

Face Behind The Mask – Self Released

Elysian Divide are a quintessentially modern metal outfit that tick all the boxes in terms of producing head banging worthy music.  They have quite a bit more to offer too with a style about them that strays into various pigeon holing sub genres.  Suffice to say that they have a variation in sound that means Face Behind The Mask never gets boring or repetitive.  There’s a real twist thanks to front gal Atashi Tada too who sings in Russian as well as English.  This might not seem important but the language switch adds a whole new, and very welcome, dimension to Elysian Divide.  Her vocal style allows some comparisons to The Slot, where elsewhere you might find fans of In This Moment nodding with approval. There are moments where you can tell there’s still a few little wrinkles to iron out but those niggles are minor and often found on bands that have been playing together for years. If you like to listen to the sound of the new, the bold and the exciting then this album is well worth investing in.

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