News: Armonite Sign With Cleopatra Records


Armonite, the instrumental rock collective led by composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi, signed with LA-based indie label Cleopatra Records for the release of their new album, “And the Stars Above” on May 25th.

Armonite’s instrumental music is in line with the spirit of the label, especially now that Cleopatra have expanded into the movie industry. With the film division, Cleopatra Entertainment, the company has distributed, developed, and produced several films, including The Devil’s Domain (starring Michael Madsen), The Black Room (starring Lin Shaye), Halloween Pussy Trap Kill! Kill! (featuring the voice of Dave Mustaine from Megadeth), The 27 Club (featuring Todd Rundgren), England Is Mine (Steven Morrissey bio-pic), A Street Cat Named Bob.

Armonite have been awarded an Honourable Mention both in the Instrumental and Performance categories at the International Song writing Competition 2017 from a top-level jury including Tom Waits, Lorde, Bastille, Billy Cobham, Ziggy Marley, Don Omar, and Keane. With over 16,000 entries from 140 countries. That’s a quite remarkable achievement.

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