Review: Lovebites – Glory, Glory, To The World EP











Glory, Glory To The World – JPU Records

There’s nothing quite like a metal band in full flow. The power vocals, the guitar mastery, and the sheer head banging joy is what Lovebites bring on Glory, Glory To The World. The astoundingly technically proficient five piece have the maturity of veterans and the eagerness of youth.  It’s a heady mix that shows through on this latest EP. So often you hear acts that plod along the trad metal path, staying safe, and whisper it, sounding a bit boring too.  Lovebites skip down that path with innovation and infectious enthusiasm. They play with joy and that rubs off on the listener. This EP shows the song writing is progressing at a healthy pace too, moving along with the ever dazzling musicianship. Lovebites are breathing fresh life into metal, one of a new breed of bands marrying the past and the future perfectly. Glory, Glory To The World is a horns up statement that great music will stay great forever.

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Review by Gary Trueman