Review: Skaciety – Overstaying Our Welcome



Overstaying Our Welcome – Bad Granola Records

Brit ska punks Skaciety have always played the kind of music you want to get up and dance to.  They’ve always had an air of youthful exuberance about them.  The issue is what happens when a band grows up?  Sometimes it all goes a bit pear shaped but Overstaying Our Welcome is a fine piece of work that takes the Sittingbourne crew in a new direction without a loss of control.  The band have been brave enough to lose much of their trademark ska sound and have largely pulled it off thanks to solid song writing.  This record is by and large rock with a curled top lip and itchy feet.  Even while taking a new path Skaciety have managed to make you want to dance along with them.  They might also have found an important key to opening themselves up to a larger audience too as their new material bridges between genres in a similar way to Vukovi and Brutai.  Music is evolving and it’s bands like Skaciety who evolve with it that will survive.

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