Review: Lindsay Schoolcraft – Rushing Through The Sky – 10th Anniversary Edition










Lindsay Schoolcraft

Rushing Through The Sky -10th Anniversary Edition – Self Released

Can it really be ten whole years since Lindsay Schoolcraft released ‘Rushing Through The Sky’? And where does this mini masterpiece fit into the new world order of music?  Well yes a whole decade has passed but this EP still raises goosebumps on every listen. Newly re-mastered each song is simply more golden than before. It’s more a careful polishing than anything dramatic. And now these wonderful songs are going to be available on vinyl for the first time. It’s an important step to make the EP available in a format that should suit it perfectly. For those new to ‘Rushing Through The Sky’ what you can expect is an ethereal classic full of beautifully crafted sweeping gothic soundscapes and emotional embraces. There’s real charm and warmth in the vocals which are delicate but immensely strong. In a time when we need it the most this is an uplifting gem of a record.

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Review by Gary Trueman