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Lindsay Schoolcraft

Worlds Away – Cyber Proxy Records

Many will know Lindsay Schoolcraft from her time with Cradle Of Filth. If you do then you’ll already be aware of her stunningly beautiful voice. While she does play keyboards it’s the harp that is her first love and on Worlds Away it shows. This is wonderfully crafted record that transports you to a kind of ethereal heaven. You can just sit back and let each song wash over you, and relax. It’s a far cry from the metal many will associate with Schoolcraft and  her COF days, and it shows just how versatile, and talented, this artist is. Worlds Away has some sophisticated arrangements, it’s played with subtlety and real feeling. Every note resonates. It’s also quite timeless too.  It has a feel of the medieval about it, some sense of fantasy too. It’s often been said that classical and heavy music are bound together like unorthodox siblings. With Worlds Away Schoolcraft proves the point as the binding between the two. This is an album that has timeless classic written all over it.

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Review by Gary Trueman