Interview: Lindsay Schoolcraft “Vinyl is so special and I’m glad w’re back in an era that appreciates the experience of it.”

Lindsay Schoolcraft is one of those artists that if you know her work you love it. She has an appeal that ranges from fans of classical to metalheads. She’s hugely respected by other musicians too. So with the re-issue of her Rushing Through The Sky opus just out it was an obvious time to catch up with the Canadian harpist. Schoolcraft chatted to Gary Trueman about the re-release and where she’s at musically right now.

Let’s focus a bit on the re-release of ‘Rushing Through The Sky’.  Has it really been ten years since it was first released?  It’s a great record but what prompted you to celebrate its birthday with a re-launch?

“Honestly, the fact that I remembered the 10 year anniversary was coming up. I’m really bad at remembering these sorts of things. But I was doing an inventory on what albums and EP had been pressed on vinyl and then realized my first EP hasn’t been done yet. So with the 10th anniversary coming up it was the perfect timing.”

The songs have stood the test of time really well. How did you go about tweaking them during re-mastering?  Were you a little nervous about how they would sound?

“Oh not at all. A remaster was imminent. Especially since the EP had not been mastered for vinyl yet, it only made sense.”

Have you found old fans of the record have been buying it or people new to your earlier work?

“A mix of both. Some reacted with “omg! Finally!” While newer faces were happy to grab a copy. Vinyl is so special and I’m glad we’re back in an era that appreciates the experience of it.”

It’s the first time you’ve released a record on vinyl.  That must have been exciting?  To see your music in a ‘proper’ sleeve.

“It really was something special! I was speaking with my manager and we felt it was time the artwork got an update. Lucky, when I worked with Phantasma Photography on the “Twin Flame” music video we had some extra photos that we felt were perfect for this era. Hence the new cover art.”

You’ve been working on some new projects too. What are you up to at the moment?

“I’ve spent the past two years on Patreon just making what’s coming out in the moment. It’s been a combo of heavy, dark, symphonic, and electronic and they community there is really enjoying it! This winter 2022/2023 I’m hiding away and working on my next full length heavy album. It’s time and I’m inspired to do it.”

Your music seems to strike a chord with followers of many different parts of the music spectrum. Clearly you’re doing something right. Metallers love you. Symphonic rock fans also. And even classical buffs have gravitated towards you as well. Do you see that reflected in shows you play as well as through record sales?

“Aw thank you for saying that! I only strive to be myself and be honest when it comes to expressing myself. Every person who supports or considers themselves a fan has their own taste and I like that. Mostly, my fans are pretty open minded and surprise me with the array of genres they’re into. I love striking up a convo with them on social platforms and thanks to them discovering something new.”

Are you in the process of writing new material at the moment?  Do you write and play around with ideas all the time or do you set aside specific times to write?  Are you one of those people that just wakes up at 3am with a brainwave they have to record before it’s forgotten?

“Since I’m in album mode it’s a combo of ever creative mess imaginable. I wake up with new hooks on repeat in my head. I get lyric ideas at 1am. Some days I just don’t have it in me and that’s ok. I try to put aside days to work on songs or at least get some tasks done so I’m moving the needle forward, but sometimes inspiration strikes and I need to drop other work that day to make the new song happen, and that’s ok! I’m grateful that I get inspired and there are so many melodies and ideas inside of me wanting to rush out and be heard.”

You’re playing shows in Canada right now but is there any chance we will see you coming back to the UK at all in the near future?  We’d love to see you over here.

“I have a feeling once this album is done that it’s entirely possible. I really do miss the UK!”

Outside of music, if there’s any spare time at all what other things do you enjoy doing?

“At the moment, not really. I’ve been so into my work and self-improvement this year that all I’ve really done outside of that is binge some series on Netflix. I do love the Pokémon games, but I haven’t updated my system since 2016 so I’m still mastering the Sun and Moon games (over and over and over again haha). I’d love to get the new Nintendo Switch and Pokémon series, but instead I took that money and adopted a kitten. So I’m sure my new ball of joy and fur will keep me busy this winter.”

You’ve collaborated with a great many wonderful people.  If you had the opportunity to work with any one person from any point in history who would it be and why?

“It would have been epic to have Alphonse Mucha do one of my album covers. And have Tchaikovsky orchestrate one of my songs. That would be something. I still would really like to do a song with Jonathan Davis of Korn. A girl can dream, right?”

You’re well known as a harpist. If you could cover one metal/rock song on harp what would it be and why. What do you think would work well?

“Oh wow. Haha. I’ve never really thought about this one. To be honest, I have a folk harp and it’s (for the list part) fixed to one key so being able to cover a metal song can be quite challenging. Ask me again when I’ve attained my massive pedal harp that allows me to change keys. I’m sure by then I’ll have an answer and something already in the works.”

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Interview by Gary Trueman