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Nova Twins

Supernova – Marshall Records

Capturing both hearts and minds with every note they play the Nova Twins are a phenomena that look to be unstoppable right now. Their writing is loaded with blazes of colour and texture seemingly pulled from an entirely different and more expressive universe. Georgia South pushes the boundaries of what it’s possible to wring out of a bass guitar. Her work gaining notable favour with Tom Morello who is an outspoken fan of the duo as a whole. Amy Love couples boundless positive energy with acerbic hard hitting lyrics. The Nova Twins embody empowerment while making slick enjoyable records in a way we’ve not seen before. Supernova sees them expand and experiment. It’s a maturing that takes the pair from fresh faced potentials to hall of fame contenders. ‘Antagonist’ pummels you from the outset. ‘Cleopatra’ is softer with an infectious hook and a punchy feminist message. Right throughout you’re treated to twists, turns and surprises with common themes of melody, harmony and genre-less expression. Supernova just set the bar so impossibly high that it’s a good shout for album of the year, and it’s only June!

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Review by Gary Trueman