Live Review: Nova Twins & Witch Fever & Uninvited

Nova Twins & Witch Fever & Uninvited

The Waterfront, Norwich – 17/2/2023

There’s plenty of excitement ahead of tonight’s gig and that is transferred on to the stage with openers Uninvited clearly very happy to be here. It’s a sell out too with a large crowd already in place early. The band having already won through to play the on the prestigious Radio 1 Live Lounge prove to be about as perfect a warm up act as you could want. Their take on alt rock has real presence as their set flies by.

The first thing that hits you with Witch Fever is a thumping great big bass line (a theme of the whole set) and then it’s the mood their music makes. This is mesmeric, passionate and beautifully put together. It’s interesting that while the tempo tends to be slow the drive and momentum of the whole show is phenomenally powerful. It’s like they’ve taken their angst and set it rolling in a bulldozer. Superior vocals just add to the overall feeling that this is a quartet on the up. A Download Festival booking secured a much wider audience beckons.

It’s the first night of what is going to be a pretty crazy touring schedule for current alternative music darlings the Nova Twins. Are they showing any pre-tour nerves? Are they heck! Amy and Georgia look and sound every bit the superstars they’re currently on their way to becoming. The guitar work is assured and the vocals massive. Now sporting a double pedal board for her legendary bass work Georgia has the face of an angel and plays like the devil himself would bow in deference. We need also to take a moment to mention Tim Nugent their often overlooked drummer. His stick work is quite sublime. Back in 2020 a relatively unknown Nova Twins once asked ‘Who Are The Girls?’ as the title of their debut album. Right now you’d have to be a hermit not to know the answer. You get the impression tonight the sold out Waterfront will be seeing this quite superb band for the last time. Significantly larger venues are just around the corner.

Review & All Photos by Gary Trueman