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The Soap Girls

In My Skin – Self Released

Embracing the spirit of punk when those that describe themselves as such have forgotten the meaning The Soap Girls are back with their much anticipated album number four. The title gives a little glimpse of the mood of the record overall, a commentary on judgement without knowledge and intolerance rather than understanding or compassion. Musically this is a more mature affair with natural progression taking the duo to new heights. You get the familiar pop melodies mixed with snot rock brashness along with a somehow tighter production and arrangements. There’s still that carefree and chaotic undertone that makes listening to Millie and Mie so compelling,  but now there’s an even more honed framework to hang it on. They kept us entertained several times a week doing online shows throughout lockdown so this release combined with a massive series of live shows is going to be a must for fans. What In My Skin does so well is to be an easy listen for newcomers too. It’s an inviting record that makes its serious points in a cheery positive manner. The Soap Girls don’t just speak for themselves, they speak for everyone on the outside. If more people listened we’d be in a much better place.

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Review by Gary Trueman