Live Review: Nova Twins/Aziya/On Wednesdays We Wear Black

Nova Twins/Aziya/On Wednesdays We Wear Black

Electric, Brixton – 12/11/2022

Everything about the Nova Twins is refreshingly honest and shows real class. That extends to their choice of support acts. Opening up tonight are DJ combo On Wednesdays We Wear Black which means coming into what is a rapidly filling sold out show you are greeted with a well thought out set of tunes. It cannot be stressed enough how welcome this is, a great departure from the usual mismatched tripe venues serve up. It puts the fans in a great mood and creates a special atmosphere from the off.

When Aziya take to the stage they are greeted by a near full venue, everyone excited and cheering. They don’t disappoint. It’s a fine set of rock centred songs that also, like tonight’s headliners, embrace multiple genres. This has become something smart acts like Aziya do naturally, a product of a diverse musical upbringing. The rhythm section plays expansively, particularly where the bass is concerned. The guitars are rock solid. It’s the vocals that catch the ear the most though. There’s some serious range and clarity of tone at work here. Once or twice you’re reminded of Skunk Anansie’s Skin. It’s a set that is brimming with confidence, and talent.

It’s been a meteoric few years for the Nova Twins. They’ve played Download (and are returning next year), toured with some mighty big acts including Prophets Of Rage and have featured on Bring Me The Horizon’s 1×1 single. This show marks a homecoming full of excitement for everyone and they’ve really pushed the boat out. We get regular pyro, a very well sorted light show and a genuine party vibe. It takes Amy and Georgia only minutes to both end up playing in the crowd. Of course they have the songs too, so many absolute bangers in fact that they even have to omit one or two that used to be staples of live shows not so long ago. There’s star quality at every turn. Georgia is almost a freak of nature in how she makes her bass sound. She’s just unique and should be treasured as a pioneer of music. Amy has audience engagement off to a fine art. She has a rare instinct for stage craft that makes you feel personally a part of the show. Together they are a breath taking force of nature. They unite people from all parts of the scene, something that’s self evident tonight. People keep asking where the next big acts are, who the next big festival bill toppers will be. If they’d have been in Brixton tonight they would know the answer to that is right in front of them.

Review and photos by Gary Trueman