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Shooting Daggers

Athames – Self Released

Women are angry and all that bottled up rage has been finding an outlet through music recently. Shooting Daggers are at the sharp pointy end of a spear of feminist artists currently coupling great song writing with no nonsense lyrics. This is Riot Grrrl V2.0 and the gloves are well and truly off. Low tuned intros convey a level of menace. Punk led guitars and rhythms provide a backbone of steel. And then there are ‘those’ vocals. Salomé Salgado Pellegrin does all the anger without any hint of management quite brilliantly, but so do a few others. She also makes every word perfectly understandable through all that fury. Not many others manage that very neat trick. Pellegrin makes every word hit home. She makes you listen, and understand. Athames stands up proudly purely on a musical level. But it scores even more heavily with those biting lyrics. It might not be a work entirely of beauty but it is a work of necessity. And you get the feeling Shooting Daggers have only just got started.

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Review by Gary Trueman