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Sky Valley Mistress

Acoustic Sessions EP – New Heavy Sounds

There’s a primeval charm to acoustic music, and there’s also a risk stripping down your sound to the bare bones. Get it right and you will sound like a master. Fail though and all your mistakes and shortcomings will be highlighted. Musicians know this and so even some very well known ones avoid this format at all cost. Sky Valley Mistress have always been bold with their music. They have a smooth laid back sound, and it has to be said a vocalist in Kayley Davies who oozes class. The retro vibe that we know and love is maintained on this four track EP which pays attention to song structure even more closely than usual. The delivery is still open though which suits the style and those delicious vocals. This feels like an intimate performance with just you the focus of the band. It’s a real in your sitting room personal experience, just as it should be. With The Acoustic Sessions Sky Valley Mistress have delivered something a little different and at the same time enhanced their reputation for being a bit of a musical treasure.

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Review by Gary Trueman