Beauty & Makeup: SFX Contact Lenses! Safety Tips!


SFX Contact Lenses! Safety Tips!

Halloween is the time of year to experiment with D.I.Y decorations and costumes. It is also when people tend to be using SFX contact lenses the most! As someone who wears contacts lenses to actually see, I am a firm believer of consulting an optician before buying and trying store bought! Knowing full well a lot of you will not be doing that (especially if you don’t regularly see an optician)  here are some dos, don’ts and tips to keep your eyes as safe as you can this fancy-dress season!
  • Buy saline/contact lense solution (you can get this from pharmacies, places like Specsavers etc.) When taking the lenses out of their packaging, rinse them over with saline.
    • Remember to ask which is the correct one for you!
    • Some cheaper brands will use stronger chemicals , contacts should NOT burn when you put them in your eyes!!)
  • Clean your hands before touching the contacts and your eyes!
  • Try to put contact lenses in before doing makeup (this maybe harder if you are using mesh lenses and other vision warping designs!)
  • If you are not used to wearing them, try not to wear them longer that 4-6 hours
  • Beware of sizes! One of the most important reasons we consult opticians is that everyone’s eyes are different sizes and curvatures, lenses too big can risk damaging your eyes.
  • Try using the very tip of your finger (not the flat as they can easily fall off)


  • Take them out when you sleep!! Otherwise you risk preventing oxygen getting to the eye (which causes blood vessels to pop. ie. one hell of a sore and bloodshot eye) and getting them caught behind your eyes which could end you up in hospital.
  • Always check the packaging is not damaged before opening or trying them on


  • Some contacts come with little tools. The soft tweezer can be helpful to take the lenses out of the packaging but any other tools I would advise against using. Improper use can lead to damaging the lenses and your own eye.
  • BE BRAVE!! Contacts are a bitch to put in, ONLY if you are scared. You can look up and when blinking the lenses finds its way to the iris, but honestly the best way is to simply look forward. Try and think of it like; your finger is touching your contact lens, not your eye! Try opening your eye up with your fingers or tilting your head back


  • DONT put SFX lenses over your regular lenses, try your best to find prescription SFX lenses. This can be very risky and dangerous!


  • If you have bought a pair that last 3 months or even 1 year, remember to regularly change the solution in the case. Some cases are not air tight and you may check in a months’ time to a dry and solid pair of lenses.
  • If you are buying prescription lenses, make sure its correct!! You don’t want to be at a party and feeling light headed and headachy because your prescription was off -0.5!
  • I know it’s easier said than done but try not to get blind drunk wearing them, the more sober you are the easier it is to take in an out
  • DONT use water to clean an irritated eye if you’re out and about. It will end up feeling dry (like when you swim) and can be dangerous. Only use proper eye care solution to avoid risk of infection
  • TAKE YOUR TIME. Your eyes will water and you might be a twitchy blinker. Don’t get stressed. Try them a few days before you are meant to wear them.
  • Putting solution in your eye after taking lenses out will clean and freshen them.
  • Don’t use eye bloods/dyes when wearing lenses as it’ll stain and ruin them!
I hope these tips help and I will say again and again; Consult an optician before purchasing any SFX lenses! Have a safe a spooky Halloween!

By Alice Bizarre

Alice Bizarre is an SFX make-up artist and film writer, a prop maker and prosthetic sculptor.