News: Devolution Magazine and One Flame Media announce the official launch of DeVlog

Devolution Magazine and One Flame Media are immensely proud to announce the official launch of DeVlog – our brand-new YouTube home.  

Imagine everything you’ve seen featured in the magazine’s printed pages for the last 21 years, now brought to life in an interactive video form! 

The channel aims to showcase the very best in band, artist, influencer, model, and author interviews, Zoom showcases, video premieres, Bandcamp compilations, magazine news, alternative fashion, lifestyle, and culture, event promotions, behind-the-scenes model photoshoot content, DIY and independent business spotlights, festival coverage, and so much more!

Devlog will contain several regular subchannels that will offer a completely diverse viewing experience, catering to all your interests, all within one channel.

  • FOD’ (Foodinati UK) is a metal interview section that features epic hot sauce and spicy food.
  • ‘Lifting The Veil’ is the exclusive channel by our very own Alice Bizarre. It is dedicated to alternative make-up tutorials, expert advice, product reviews and SFX tips and tricks.
  • ‘One From The Vaults’ will focus on independent cinema, horror films, a spotlight on classic actors and actresses from the past, and book reviews.
  • ‘Saint Or Sinner?’ is where selected participants are asked to share their opinions, thoughts, experiences, or stories on each of the Seven Deadly Sins. It is then up to the viewer to decide if they are more of a Saint or a Sinner!

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