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The Big Dirty

The Sex – Self Released

OK, so, age-wise, we’re all adults here. We know what’s what. We know an album named ‘The Sex’ by a band called The Big Dirty is going to be about, well, you know (whisper it) S. E. X. I know, right! It’s like a great big flashing (red) light. You know where you stand. And if it’s not to your taste, look away now. You’re all still looking, aren’t you? Thought so. With tracks such as ‘Whiskey Pistol’, ‘Love With The Lights Off’ (good thinking – there’s a little more to some of us than there was before Lockdown y’know), and ‘Dirty Rider’, ‘The Sex’ is a raucous Steel Panther and (lyrically speaking) Bloodhound Gang kind of ride. You’ll laugh. You’ll roll your eyes. You’ll…gag??? The Big Dirty are offering a good time. On record, it’s harmless. Although if these are your best chat up lines, you may want to rethink that strategy boys. The type of music? Oh yeah! Forgot about that. Rock. Rock with big riffs. And sex lyrics. It’s fair to say we all need a laugh and a smirk at the minute. It’ll put a smile on your face. And so will the album. Ha!

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Review by Jo Wright