Review: Smiling Assassin – Plight Of The Millenial










Smiling Assassin

Plight Of The Millennial – Self Released

Hardcore? HARDCORE!! This is harder than hardcore. This is waaaaayyyyy harder than hardcore. It’s so hard it’s harder than maths. That’s right. Maths, dammit! This is ‘Plight Of The Millennial’ by Smiling Assassin. And this is an utter riot of short, sharp shocks that are enough to make you drop your much looked forward to afternoon (chocolate) biscuit into your cup of tea. You can almost feel the phlegm flying in ‘Divide And Conquer’. And as for the maniacal choppy ska ‘News Corp. Monopoly’ … glorious, tuneful chaos. This album of nine songs is just shy of 16 minutes of fire. ‘Plight Of The Millennial’ is over so fast it leaves you dazed and confused. And in need of something stronger than that cup of tea with a biscuit marooned in it.

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Review by Jo Wright