Review: Blacktop Mojo – Static EP










Blacktop Mojo

Static EP  – Self Released

You know the saying ‘if you know, you know’? That’s Blacktop Mojo right there. If you’ve listened to them before, you know. You know this EP is going to be worth hearing. ‘The End’ is the kind of song that stadium bands open with. An anticipation building intro and reined back vocals, that let rip into (King) Eddie Vedder growling and a cascade of guitars … aaaaannnddd then back down again. Gently fraying your nerves, waiting for the next sweet onslaught. It’s the lead track for very good reason. ‘Watch Me Drown’ brings down the pace but not the passion. ‘Leave It Alone’ takes it (relatively) easy and mixes nicely into ‘Static’s’ blend. ‘Signal’s Gone’ is slow and steady and a great vehicle for Matt James’ vocals. ‘Static’ is a big rock record from a band we just can’t get enough of. Four tracks of Blacktop Mojo is just never enough. Sigh.

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Review by Jo Wright