Review: Blacktop Mojo – Under The Sun


Blacktop Mojo

Under The Sun – Cuhmon Records

Any album that opens like this one is going to be outrageously good. Even if the remaining tracks consist only of an excitable Labrador barking merrily along with a six-year-old playing (wrecking) a recorder. And if that was the case, you could just play the unbelievable opener of which we speak, ‘Lay It On Me’, ten times over. Please don’t though. Because it’s not. No way, friends. You also need to hear utterly bewitching ‘Can’t Sleep’. If you do one thing today, listen to that track. You gotta play hard rock stomper ‘Set It Free’. Oh, and dirty bruiser ‘Keep’. Woah, don’t forget guitar-solo-tastic ‘The Void’. And the finishing fireworks of final track ‘Under The Sun’… You see where this is going. Matt James’ worn-in vocals dig deep into every track. The songs manage to simultaneously kick ass, act as a comfort and be a loveable companion across the entire record. If you need me, I’ll be downloading Blacktop Mojo’s entire back catalogue. On the strength of this album – my new favourite band.

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Review by Jo Wright