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Red – Self Released

There has been drama – drama – in the Wright household recently. Black nail polish has been replaced with red. Concerns were raised and questions asked, but the reason remained completely unknown. Until the promo of ‘Red’ arrived. Clearly in a moment of clairvoyance and divine inspiration, came the realisation red was the way forward. Musically and with manicures. ‘Red’ is a riot of carefully crafted sound. Strong, visceral vocals. Rock n roll attitude. Devilskin don’t sound like anyone else. Opening track ‘Do You See Birds’ is an absolute corker – and it almost didn’t make the final cut. That shows the standard of this record. Then there’s the heavy, slamming force of lead single ‘Corrode’ to contend with. This ferocity flows throughout – cutting you to the bone and making you feel. Feel emotional, stirred, and just, well, feel. ‘Red’ is a massive album and deserves to go stratospheric.

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Review by Jo Wright