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Red Method

For The Sick – Depraved Records

If bloody good heavy hardcore metal choons are what you’re after, with growling, screaming and a surprising spot of clean (ish!) singing, Red Method have got the goods. ‘For The Sick’ grabs you, shakes you, chews on your loud music loving form and spits you out. Leaving you in need of a sit down under a fleecy blanket while you take stock of what you have just heard. You see, ‘For The Sick’s’ tracks tell of the turmoil our minds are capable of making us deal with. Which, as we all know, aint always pretty. It’s heavy subject matter. Relayed with ravaging beats, and violent vocals laced with tenderness at times. All rounded off with a super creepy cover of ‘Heart Shaped Box’. Listen to ‘For The Sick’. Feel it, think about it and be open about it. Spread the word. Red Method hit hard but their message hits harder.

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Review by Jo Wright