Review: The Lovely Eggs – I Am Moron










The Lovely Eggs

I Am Moron – Egg Records

Ah the voice of the underground, ably represented by that wonderful duo The Lovely Eggs. The pair have once again cracked it (sorry) with another helping of offbeat grunk rock . They are the kind of act only the UK can produce. Not just quirky but also innovative and crucially they don’t take themselves too seriously. I Am Moron is a bright and breezy dollop of indie infused punk with a garnish of synth pop. It never fits anywhere in particular but will appeal to so many. It has a very cool production vibe that is kind of Ting Tings in a way but just a bit more scuzzy. Sweet and snarling vocals flow over some wonderfully eccentric song writing. I Am Moron isn’t just a winner. it’s a game changer.

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Review by Gary Trueman