Review: The Lovely Eggs – Eggsistentialism

The Lovely Eggs

Eggsistentialism – Self Released

You might think a band with a parred-back sound such as The Lovely Eggs have would soon run into a creative brick wall, but as it transpires, nothing could be further from the truth. Finding new ways to configure their guitar and drum attack means there’s a freshness surrounding the band and their latest album, Eggsistentialism, is no exception. From the punk blast of ‘Death Grip Kids’ to the pop sensibility of ‘TV People’, this is an album that’s constantly evolving, and therein lies The Eggs’ power. While punk’s studded leather coat soon became a straightjacket with bands confined by self-imposed rules and regulations, this Lancaster duo adopt a musical anarchy more in tune with the scene’s original vision. Escaping the shackles of the three minute blast has given them an exorbitant amount of freedom and they put it to good use on the elongated ‘Nothing/Everything’ where they sound like a punky Kraftwerk (had Kraftwerk come from the north west and been weaned on real ale). Veering between all-out rockers and surreal psychedelia, Eggsistentialism is a riotous listen from start to finish and no matter how you like your Eggs, scrambled or sunny side up, never fails to delight.

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Review by Peter Dennis