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Dealing With Damage

Ask The Questions – Little Rocket Records

London based Dealing With Damage know what they want to do, and that’s play punk tunes. They may not be all sophisticated and they don’t do gimmicks.  But what they do really well is no nonsense music that’s foot tappingly infectious. While so much of the music scene is trying so hard to be new, a bit like those fruity designer ciders… mango and peach springs to mind, this lot are more like a pint of real ale, reliably tasty. The music is well paced and played while the lyrics stand out as being up to date and sharply meaningful. The production has a lovely garage feel to it too which will make older owners of mohawks reminisce a little, but in a good way. Ask The Questions is a record that tells no lies.  Get it now and prepare to pogo!

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Review by Gary Trueman