Review: Dealing With Damage – Use The Daylight


Dealing With Damage

Use The Daylight

Little Rocket Records

Punk rock has had to deal with plenty of growing pains since it materialised in a sea of spit, snot and attitude almost half a century ago (Yes really, it’s been that long!) It’s always been a subversive and proudly independent part of the music spectrum. But culture clashing will only take you so far and the smart bands over the years have progressed by adapting and broadening their horizons. Now in 2023 Dealing With Damage show how far punk has come. They’re one of the acts that are, right now, on point and spearheading the next period of progress. Use The Daylight, their second album, is full of sharp lyrics and a grass roots delivery. It also has a big chunk of indie at its heart, and a smattering of edgy pop filters through too. The vocals are a reminder of the heady late 70s, channeling a near direct link to Lydon, Harper and co. The musical blend is both intriguing and satisfying to listen to. It’s an album that will appeal to older fans and also those new to the scene. Dealing With Damage have kicked 2023 off with a bit of a belter.

Dealing With Damage

Review by Gary Trueman