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Dealing With Damage

Home Security EP – Little Rocket Records

Moving on a little from their previous EP Dealing With Damage are still very much a garage punk band but now they’ve added a bit of garnish to the already appetising fair. There’s shades of the Undertones in the song arrangements and even here and there in the vocals. The London lads have also gone to the trouble of penning an almost ballad in ‘Dust’ which benefits from thought provoking lyrics and subtle use of a violin. Punk rock has long since left behind its almost cartoon like image of mohawks and many zippered trousers and has diversified into a whole new animal. Sure the spikey hair and safety pins still prevail  and rightly so but as Dealing With Damage ably demonstrate you can be punk and find your own individuality too. The Home Security EP shows a band maturing well and creating their niche. A full album would be most welcome.

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Review by Gary Trueman