Review: September Mourning – Volume III










September Mourning

Volume III – Mortem Media

You have to admire the way that September Mourning have kept their sound consistent while still progressing musically for this third outing. This is always important but with the trans-media nature of this particular project any glitches would really notice and spoil things. This is a smooth and slickly produced EP that continues the story of September as per the comic books which are brilliantly realised by publisher Top Cow. Once again the tie in is seamless. Key to the musical progress here is the more expansive song writing and intelligent arrangements which bring the Septemberverse to life. You also notice a bit of a shift in September’s vocals too, it’s subtle but there is a natural inner strength now that is more clearly defined. It’s appropriate given the character development and hearing both advance together this way feels perfectly organic and natural. September Mourning continues to impress both musically and as a wider idea. Volume III is more than good enough to take our white armour clad heroine to new heights.

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Review by Gary Trueman