Review: September Mourning – Volume IV

September Mourning

Volume IV – Mortem Media

The story of September continues in this beautifully rendered album. Once again we get lush soundscapes where the music flows like a rich wine. It’s rather easy to just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild here. Emily Lazar’s voice cuts through perfectly and seemingly effortlessly. As a multi-media project from the outset it was always going to be a big ask to keep the momentum going. It’s a credit to all involved that this fine band and the project itself has not only survived lockdown but has apparently thrived. There’s a little hint of those lovingly written early prog albums within the production, and of course the superb cover art too. But this is a work that’s of the now not the past. September Mourning are on a roll and they deserve to be heard far and wide.

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Review by Gary Trueman