Review: Anti-Flag – 20/20 Vision










Anti Flag

20/20 Vision – Spinefarm Records

If someone asked you to play them a band that best represents what modern punk rock sounds like you’d be hard pressed to find a better example than Anti Flag. The Pittsburgh political snot rockers have all the energy you’d expect and know how to pen scathing intelligent lyrics. They’re also masters of consistency using their well honed song writing skills to bash out hit tune after hit tune. Hit that is if you aren’t looking for mainstream chart success but something a bit more relevant and meaningful. And on to 20/20 Vision which is simply another well crafted chapter in the Anti Flag book. It’s everything that makes the band popular. It’s fast, furious and has those big punchy riffs that are irresistible. It also has some of the best, and wisest, words the guys have ever written. Sticking to the adage that if it ain’t broken don’t fix it Anti Flag have produced another mini masterpiece.

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Review by Gary Trueman