Interview: Emily Lazar (September Mourning) ““The story was always meant to be open ended because the character has an ability to morph and change in perpetuity.”

Trans-media project September Mourning have always proven to be innovative with their work gaining fans throughout the world. With a brand new set of songs taking the story arc of September to the conclusion of the first collection now seemed like a good time for Gary Trueman to catch up with September verse creator Emily Lazar.

It’s great to catch up with you again. So much has happened since we last spoke in 2020 during the pandemic. It must be a great feeling to be back to something approaching normal once again?

“Yes it def is!”

You’ve recently released a new album, Volume IV. Tell us a bit about how this set of songs fits into the September Mourning story.

“Volume IV is the soundtrack to the last book in the graphic novel called “When September Ends” … It follows the trio of heroines in the book that are plotting to dethrone Fate and restore the world order, the plan’s surprising outcome and an even more surprising ending to the first collection. It’s storytelling through music that it also strong enough to hold its own in a stand alone sort of way.”

When you started September Mourning did you have a plot arc in mind with an end to the story, or is it more open with areas you’d like to explore that you didn’t know about at the start point?

“The story was always meant to be open ended because the character has an ability to morph and change in perpetuity. I thought that was important for the music as well… so we didn’t feel confined to one plot structure or type of sound… so the band could morph and grow and change as well.”

How was the writing process this time around?  Did you do anything differently at all?

“We kind of have our flow state down to a science when it comes to writing, although we are always experimenting with sound as can be heard throughout the album.”

You’ve been doing quite a lot of touring in the US. How have fans reacted to the new music? Is there a different vibe now at shows do you think, after people missed out for so long?

“I think it’s harder now than it was before the pandemic, actually…. people were excited to go out at first but now I feel like people prefer big festivals with lots of bands to smaller shows. A lot of mid-level venues had to shut their doors because of the pandemic. It’s been tough.”

You came over and played the UK back in 2015. Have you got any plans to revisit at some point? You made a lot of fans last time around.

“We would love to. It all comes down to economics and if it makes sense for us to go. It’s rather expensive right now, so we are hoping to find a solution for that but atm we are at the mercy of the US vs European economy.”


It must be pretty tough on the road in a van. You must have some stories to tell. Has anything weird, unfortunate or just very funny happened you’d like to share with us?

“We don’t travel in a van haha… we have our Sprinter Bus which is built out with bunks for sleeping. It’s rather comfortable. We have had some tyre mishaps near Mexico which sucked and made us all question the meaning of life haha but for the most part it’s just dealing with everyone’s body odor because well we all get rather smelly, haha!”

Your white leather armour must take a bit of a beating. Do you maintain it at all on a run of shows? Do you have a spare costume at all in case of a problem?

“I don’t wear white leather anymore. The costume I’ve been wearing for the past 4 years is made out of a silicone polymer. It’s super comfortable. I do all the necessary repairs on it and it has held up remarkably well.”

You always look amazing on stage. Do you make your outfits yourself or does someone make them for you?

“My friend Dan Richters and I collab on the outfits for September. He’s incredible and the silicone is all custom and moulded to my body.”

During lockdown you started (or re-started) your ‘Pixie Girls’ art which was very popular.  Are you still doing this or is September Mourning taking up all of your time now?

“I release the Pixie Girls as NFT’s and have 16 (10-25 editions each) of them out now on the blockchain. Most have sold out.  I just released a new one called Ronnie Pixie that is based off one of the paintings. Holding the NFT gives you a free vip meet and greet on tour, one per tour, so they are good to grab and hold on to if you like coming to see us live! I plan to do my first IRL Gallery showing at Art Basel this year of the Pixies. It’s very exciting. And i’m kinda nervous!”

What’s next for you and September Mourning? What are your plans for 2024?

“We have a music video to shoot in the beginning of October, 2 writing sessions for new music, a two and a half week tour all in October… then 3 or 4 new music NFT drops through the Gala Music Platform. One of which is an exciting collaboration of IP’s.”

And finally, if September could bring one musical soul back for a one off performance who would it be and why?

“Kurt Cobain. Because why TF not?”

September Mourning – Facebook

Interview by Gary Trueman

Photos by Novella Photography