Review: Matt Finucane – Vanishing Island











Matt Finucane

Vanishing Island – Light Crude

Rustic guitars, stripped-back vocals and a barrage of bass and beats blend together to make ‘Vanishing Island’. It’s an alternative-rooted, honest-sounding, natural voice extravaganza, and has a home-made vibe coursing though its tracks. Which is good. And de rigueur at the minute. Home-grown potatoes taste better than shop-bought – no? ‘Submissive Pose’ is catchy. ‘Perilous Seat’ makes you feel like you are bobbing along on ocean waves. It’s music to ease us into our day. ‘Vanishing Island’ isn’t in your face. More like floating around softly in your peripheral vision. Matt Finucane takes whatever inspiration he fancies and runs with it. And why not? There are plenty of rules and expectations out there to keep us in our little boxes. Matt Finucane has broken out of his. Good luck putting him back.

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Review by Jo Wright