Review: Matt Finucane – Bang Bang Exorcism

Matt Finucane

Bang Bang Exorcism (EP) – Eyeless Records

The latest in a long line of musical mavericks, Matt Finucane operates with a quintessentially English type of eclecticism. An artist in constant motion, for his latest release he takes a love of trance music and fuses it to post-punk which makes for an intriguing proposition. Imagine an alternative reality where Kraftwerk collaborated with Wire and you’ll have something approaching the music contained within Bang Bang Exorcism. There’s a motorik rhythm to tracks such as ‘Run With The Freaks’ that give the EP a forward motion and this sweeps the listener along, while the spiky, angular nature of ‘Dear Darkness’ ensures the journey will be far from linear. Matt Finucane has created a type of uneasy listening; this isn’t a release you put on as background music; the unusual rhythms and arresting lyrics demand your full attention, but when the songs are as good as ‘The Jazzmaster’ why would you look elsewhere? These tracks, with their off kilter melodies, are akin to pesky imps banging on your eardrum, and they won’t go away until you open up. Matt Finucane is a unique artist and the six tracks comprising Bang Bang Exorcism make a unique collection.

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Review by Peter Dennis