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Savage Messiah

Demons – Century Media Records

If you like your metal melodic, meaningful and massive (you too, huh?), never fear – Savage Messiah are here. These hard rock heroes are bringing metal to the masses with their fifth full-length album, which is a tribute to the band’s tenacity to start with. And this record (indeed, just like the band) does not quit. So adopt the brace position, people – we’re off. ‘Virtue Signal’ explodes out of the blocks in a blur of beats. Is this drummer human or octopus? ‘What Dreams May Come’ smashes in, with punches of inspiration from the past, nudging the boundaries of the new, and shredding to the power of ten (see also ‘The Bitter Truth’ and most of the album, to be fair). Savage Messiah’s songs on this record are mosh pit filling, thought provoking, and driven by strong vocals throughout. ‘Until The Shadows Fall’ is an absolute stunner, btw. ‘Demons’ is heavy, heavenly and surprisingly moving. Go enjoy.

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Review by Jo Wright