Review: Nonexister – Demons

Demons – Self-released

Something very special can often occur when electronic and traditional instrumentation are
fused correctly, and Nonexister prove themselves to be master alchemists. It’s a mixture of
the surgical and the organic that can transport the listener to another dimension, and that’s
precisely what their debut album does. Formed by two sonic terrorists from Switzerland; Marco
Nesser tells stories with music, and Nik Leuthold with words and, when brought to life by a full
band, create discombobulating soundscapes that conjure images of a not-too-distant dystopian
future. Opening song ‘Your Pain Up My Veins’ places the listener in a sonic matrix, and one we
must traverse over ten tracks that breathe and ululate. While the music might place us in
another reality, the lyrics are based on hard, cold fact and detail violent relationships and the rise
of the far-right, and it’s a juxtaposition that renders Demons an infinitely interesting listen. It’s a
multifaceted album, and one that shines light from different angles on each successive spin (and
believe me, you’ll want to keep spinning it). Tommy Vetterli (Coroner/Kreator) is in the production
chair and sprinkles his magic on proceedings, making your time with Demons the best you’ll
ever spend.

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Review by Peter Dennis