Review: Danny Worsnop – Shades Of Blue


Danny Worsnop

Shades Of Blue – Sumerian Records

‘What’s this?’

‘It’s Weetabix.’

‘But I asked for toast with sausage on top. And beans. On top of the sausage.’

‘You did. And I asked for Danny Worsnop’s latest solo album to review. But listen. See? This ain’t it, kiddo.’

Two songs later…

‘MUUUM!!!!! I need you to test me on my spellings!’

‘AND I NEED TO REVIEW ‘SHADES OF BLUE’ BY THE END OF THE DAY, BUT THIS IS NOT… oh, hang on. Right. Spell ‘accustomed’.’

You get where we’re going here. Asking Alexandria’s bawler-in-chief has gone slightly Santana (‘Little Did I Know’), a bit Bublé (‘Best Bad Habit’ and ‘Keep On Lovin’), and absolutely soul-wrenchingly heart-breaking (‘Tomorrow’ and ‘At The Time’). Prepare to be tearfully moved by ‘Tell Her’. Yep, ‘Shades Of Blue’ is, honestly, brilliant. It gets in your head – like a book you can’t put down. Worsnop’s voice is clearly something special. To move from Asking Alexandria’s clawing, mauling hard rock heathen to seasoned bluesman this flawlessly, is super impressive. There’s a saying in the Wright household ‘you can’t go wrong with a Danny.’ That still stands.

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Review by Jo Wright