Review: The Lounge Kittens – Have Another…


The Lounge Kittens

Have Another… – Grweat Records

You’d think that performing songs by artists such as Linkin Park and System Of A Down in a lounge style would not be a very good idea.   It really shouldn’t work in the same way as Greggs selling a vegan sausage roll shouldn’t,  but look how that turned out.  In fact this EP of covers, the trio’s third release shows just how far you can take well known songs out of their comfort zone and still make them sound like the hits they are.  The key to making it work is partly in the superb harmonies and also in the fact that The Lounge Kittens are having fun.  They are kittens and the music is a ball of tempting wool, but the end product isn’t the tangle you’d expect.  While Violent Pornography and One Step Closer are reworked well it’s Jimmy Eat World’s anthemic The Middle where those delicious vocals really shine.  The pitch and tempo are just perfect, or should that be purrfect.  In a short few years The Lounge Kittens have won over their predominantly rock and metal audience by sheer weight of talent and by having a great sense of humour.  Have Another…  only reinforces their place as one of the UK’s quirkiest but much loved acts.

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Review by Gary Trueman