Live Review: The Lounge Kittens/Grant Sharky

The Lounge Kittens/Grant Sharky

Nottingham Rescue Rooms – 4/4/2019

Lounge Kittens long time friend Grant Sharky mixes comedic observations with political and social commentary in an easy and pleasant way.  He certainly knows how to capture an audience and then  hold on to them.  His double bass playing may only be secondary to the acerbic lyrics but he knows how to get his groove on, even if at one point it’s too good to play and sing at the same time, something it should be added that’s all part of the show.  We get a brave costume change, a token bloke joke, and a set of songs that warm things up very nicely.  Well suited to fringe events Grant Sharky performs the kind of act that would go down very well in the night time entertainment tents  some of the big festivals have.  Download are you listening?

It came as a bit of a shock to The Lounge Kittens that their highly original take on mainly rock and metal songs turned out to be so popular.  The Southampton trio went off radar last year due to various personal issues but have bounced back with a brilliant new EP and tour.  It’s great to see them return, and in such fine form too.  Harmonies to die for mix with a humorous banter that sees the set fly by way too quickly.  There are some wonderful moments throughout.  The Kitten makeover of Jimmy Eat World’s The Middle is particularly breath taking.  The three are clearly extremely close friends even if there is a best friend in the whole band joke aimed at face contortionist Jen.  It’s that bond on stage that makes a Lounge Kittens gig feel like you’re in a venue full of family, with the audience singing along as one.  No one could have foreseen that a lounge act doing metal covers would be such a success, but The Lounge Kittens have found their place in the world.  Long may they continue.

Review and photos by Gary Trueman