Review: Louise Distras – Street Revolution EP


Louise Distras

Street Revolution EP – Street Revolution Records

Incendiary. Heart scarring. Soul searching. Stirring, rousing, fist raising. This is a storming record. It’s obvious from the first stomping second of the title/lead track, with its last lingering line ‘no one saves us, only ourselves’. Louise’s voice, flanked by acoustic guitars and pop/punk/folk firepower is vital today. ‘Poor Man’ is her take on an almost 90-year-old song. Raising the question, how have humans not sorted themselves out by now? Same sentiment again as Louise bellows the simple common needs and desires of you, me and the person you just saw out the window in ‘Solidarity’. Everyday people who rouse up and fought fascism are remembered in super catchy, super respectful ‘New World In Our Heart’. An acapella start through to an untamed roar of reverence. Louise Distras has put her heart and soul into this EP – and it will get into yours too.

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Review by Jo Wright