Review: Varego – I Prophetic



I Prophetic – Argonauta Records

How much harm can a delicate piano melody laced over chilled, tuneful chords do? Juuuust tentatively turning up ‘Origin’ to get the full effect of every note. Aaaaand BANG. The visionary boys of Varego thunder into ‘The Abstract Corpse’. Their heavy, progressive, super atmospheric sludge is launched loud and proud and with shock and awe. The intriguing suspense and suspicion built by the opening instrumental, lurches wildly into the storm, as drums and guitars hit hard and the volume and pace race on board. Riffs are king on this record and they are heavy as hell (notably in the title track and all-out mosh-fest ‘When The Wolves Howl’). Ambassadors for their genre, Varego are skilfully painting pictures through this record, and paying careful and exacting attention to every detail. The musicianship and production are on point. ‘I Prophetic’ is a record to which you willingly submit and give your precious time. Varego have done themselves proud.

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Review by Jo Wright