Review: Singles Round Up V1.6

Singles Round Up V1.6

Hertz Horn – Daggers In The Static

One man band Hertz Horn have their groove on for this latest offering. This is very upbeat with a nice balance between synth rock. indie and industrial. Vocals are perfectly placed in the mix while the guitar takes a big step forward when it’s time to throw the horns. The slightly stark production fits well too. This is Hertz Horn’s best offering to date.

Louise Distras – Black Skies

Back with her first new music for three long years Louise Distras always seems to catch the mood of the moment. Featuring Steve Ignorant of Crass in the intro this is a bruising return full of rage. It’s rare if ever that we’ve heard Distras this full on. The tempo build to the crescendo finale makes you feel like you’re plunging in a rollercoaster.  It’s a hell of a way to say ‘I’m back!’

Saints Among Us – Ashes To Ashes

Ooh now this is a bit good from Saints Among Us. Grinding metal guitars, sweet polished vocals and a booming production all combineto great effect. The thing you notice the most is the clever writing. Young bands are often full of wonderful ideas but converting them into something that works have many grasping at thin air. Not this band. This is a top tune that deserves to be heard.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – Parasite

Frank Carter’s near single handed project to drag snot punk into the twenty first century is shaping up rather well if new tune ‘Parasite’ is anything to go by. Once again the lyrics delve deep while the music gives your ears a good kicking. Carter is rapidly becoming a major voice for the pissed off and disaffected. This is another well sorted stride in a career that is threatening to go stratospheric.

Jo-Jo & The Teeth – My Babe

Leaning heavily towards those wonderful glam artists of a few decades ago Jo-Jo & The Teeth keep it simple but play it so well on My Babe. Big rhythms, pots of melody and a warm production have you wondering which era this is from. The vocals are heaven. They just wrap you up and hug you. Imagine a smoother less brash version of Starcrawler and you might have an inkling what this band are about.

Reviews by Gary Trueman