Fashion & Beauty: Lipstick: It’s all about the base!

Resident make up artist extraordinaire Alice Bizarre takes a look at lipstick application and the advantages of using a base.

Lipstick is an easy product to overlook, for a night out many people just slap it on and leave. One thing that will always help your lip stick stay is a good base (such as a primer) but what about colour? How much of a base colour can really affect the same shade of lipstick! Well I’m here to show you just how much range and use you can get out of one simple lipstick using 4 different colour bases. Here I’ll be using a basic red Shade 1 from cosmetic brand MUA costing only £1!

Light shades and Primers will give your lipstick a solid base, a softer look whilst maintaining the original colour.

 Using a classic red lip pencil like the lighter shades will stay true to the products colour but will appear bolder and more pigmented.

 A Brown base (such as pencil or even cream foundation) will add another tone to your lipstick, giving a deeper shade to your lips.

 If you love your red to be dark then opt. for a black liner base! This makes the lipstick much darker and gives the red a cooler tone in comparison to the other bases.

By Alice Bizarre

Alice Bizarre is an SFX make-up artist and film writer, a prop maker and prosthetic sculptor based north of London.Wife of a wolfman and mummy of a baby bat.