News: Dark Fable Media announce their first feature film.

Dark Fable Media have announced their first feature film Dirge; a psychological horror that explores depression and its ability to change a person and family.

Set in an isolated woodland of 1970s England, the story tells the gripping journey of Charlie (Neal Ward) and Olivia Stone (Nadia Lamin) six months after a severe emotional trauma.  As they descend deeper into their insidious nightmare, the couple must face what’s hidden in the darkness and their own demons whilst twisting and blurring the boundaries of reality.
The film is said to address negative patterns and toxic family dynamics when dealing with heavy emotional stress, questioning the social expectations of the viewer when presented with difficult choices between love and life.

“I’ve been running Dark Fable Media for over six years which started as a music video production company, however I’ve always had a passion for film and for a little over a year now, I’ve been working as a DOP in feature films. There comes a time where you just have to bite the bullet and go out and make a film yourself and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ve been working on this solidly for so long; I’m incredibly excited to finally bring it to life!” – Richard Oakes

 Created by Richard Oakes and Adam Leader through their mutual fascination with horror and psychology, Nadia Lamin has also joined the team as a writer giving insight and contrast to coping mechanisms used socially by the characters opposing genders.

Dark Fable Media is known for their quality music video production for bands such as Airbourne, Cancer Bats, All to Ruin, Voodoo six, Walls of Jericho and many more.

Richard and Adam in-fact met in 2014 on a video shoot for Adams band ‘In Search of Sun’ and went on to shoot music videos today. After working on various short films, they decided to take the plunge into plunge into feature length in 2016 where they began writing Dirge.

Dirge is set to explore ethic principles of our society, how we deal with mental illness and the duality of love and the ego whilst distorting the standard cinema structure. Set to distributed in 2019, this is one movie lover who will anticipate its release.