Review: Lovebites – Awakening From Abyss



Awakening From Abyss –  Victor Entertainment Corp.

Imagine if Babymetal had older sisters who could play a bit, quite a bit actually.  They’d likely look and sound something like Lovebites, a five piece Japanese power metal combo who have one big thing going for them.  They absolutely rock.  You’d imagine it would be all cutesy outfits and play by numbers but you’d be wrong.  Sure they’ve gone for a very stylised look but the music is often breath taking.  Power metal needs to be played a certain level of swagger and Awakening From Abyss has that in spades.  It’s technically well written and executed too with just an odd spot here and there falling marginally below the high bar the band have set.  This isn’t just good for a debut, this is a fantastic record that seasoned pros would be proud of.

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